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Sea Spaghetti in Brine – PENMARCH

Wild seaweed harvested by hand at low tide in Brittany, they are processed fresh before being put into a glass. Sea beans are seaweed which are an ideal accompaniment for all your fish dishes and which pleasantly complement your mixed salads and quiches. Drain them, rinse them with water and soak them for 2 to 3 minutes in boiling water. You can also fry them in a pan.

Haviorig – Fish Eggs mousse – PENMARCH

Haviorig is a specialty from Brittany. Made from fish roe, it is often eaten on buttered toast.

Lottiavig – Monkfish Liver Mousse – PENMARCH

Prepared from Monkfish Liver and spices, this preparation is original, it is a real treat. The Lottiavig is also excellent for your dietary balance thanks to the richness in omega 3 of the Monkfish Liver.

Wild Salmon in oil – PENMARCH

The pink wild salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) is fished in the Pacific Ocean. Its flesh is soft and tasty.

The salmon is reknowned for its essential fatty acid, which are great for your health and which will provide an excellent excuse when you find yourself asking for more!

Its delicate flesh and its inimitable taste will seduce you for sure. Like sardines, tuna and mackerel, salmon is rich in Omega 3.

Cod liver taster set – PENMARCH

Try them all


Smoked Cod Liver with Sundried tomatoes & basil PENMARCH

Delicious cod liver smoked in beech wood, with the added flavour of chopped sundried tomatoes and basilic

D€AL 4x French Soup 400g – PENMARCH

A specialty of the fishing ports on the Atlantic coast, those classic French fish & seafood soup are also delicious enjoyed as a base for a quick homemade Bouillabaise style.

Simply reheat it and you have a complete meal with the good taste of the sea! And for even more pleasure, enjoy your soup with small seaweed croutons and a little shrimp rouille sauce, or a touch of cream.


Crab Bisque (Soup) 400g – PENMARCH

A specialty of the fishing ports on the Atlantic coast, This mixed crab soup ( Brown, Velvet, Green ) is also delicious enjoyed as a base for a quick homemade Bouillabaise style.

Simply reheat it and you have a complete meal with the good taste of the sea! And for even more pleasure, enjoy your soup with small seaweed croutons and a little shrimp rouille sauce, or a touch of cream.


Lobster parfait with Brandy Pate – PENMARCH

Enjoy this Festive lobster conserve on toast or blini.

Natural Cod Liver- PENMARCH

Delicious cod liver naturally cured with Guerande Sea Salt. Its preparation guarantees the preservation of its freshness and quality.

Anchovy Pate – PENMARCH

Creamy, with a delicate and natural flavour, there are a thousand ways to add it to your menus. This anchovy cream is ideal for spreading on toasted toast as an aperitif. An original recipe that will surprise your friends.

We have selected the best pieces of anchovies to offer you a melting cream. Depending on your desires, you can cook it in different ways: Spice up your raw or steamed vegetables. As an aperitif or as a hot starter, with a little salad, it will be a hit! Spread it on a tart base, add black olives and onions, as in a pissaladière. Or compose a tasty and original sauce to accompany your pasta.

French Tuna in Olive Oil – PENMARCH

After having been fished in the North East Atlantic, our albacore tuna is trimmed by hand in Brittany, then nested with the greatest care. Naturally rich in omega 3 and a source of protein, albacore tuna has a very fine flavor. It can be enjoyed both hot and cold and lends itself to an infinite number of preparations: in pies, in cake, in stuffing, in salad … Remember to keep the oil to integrate into your preparation!

White Tuna loins ( Albacore) cooked and preserved in Extra Virgin Olive. Douarnenez , Britany, is the landing port for most French Tuna landing, (a reason why so many Irish boats have also chosen it as their base for their own Tuna summer landings) .

Pointe de Penmac’h, Artisan Seafood Cannery, has been established in Douarnenez, since 1920.

French Fish Soup (400g) – PENMARCH

This great classic with irreproachable taste quality offers a condensed seafood flavor! Authentic fish soup recipe, its good iodized taste will warm you up during your winter meals.

Prepared with good pieces of conger and whiting cooked in court bouillon and finely ground, this new Breton fish soup recipe is really delicious. Cooked with small pieces of carrots, tomato paste, onions and a touch of spices, the fish soup is served hot with seaweed croutons and a spoonful of rouille sauce. According to everyone’s wishes, you can also add a little grated cheese.

French Seaweed Mustard – PENMARCH

Bring a touch of spice to your dishes and sauces with our seaweed mustard. Discover this original combination of mustard with a creamy texture, embellished with seaweed harvested in Brittany.

Medium strong mustard, ocher in color with markings of seaweed in small pieces. Ideal to enhance all your fish and seafood dishes, vinaigrette or mayonnaise sauces, this very refined mustard is prepared with seaweed which gives it this very “marine” taste! It is also appreciated with meat for the new flavors it brings. Heat it up with a little crème fraîche to make your homemade sauce.

Fleur de Sel (Sea Salt) – PENMARCH

The incomparable flavor of Fleur de Sel from Guérande are particularly popular with gourmets and great chefs. It can only be used as a pinch to season raw or already cooked dishes! Only then will you enjoy its delicate taste …

A family business specializing in Guérande salt, Ty grain de sel works in partnership with salt workers from the salt marshes of the Guérande peninsula. They collect the salt manually. Guérande salt and fleur de sel have been recognized as IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) products since 2012.
Ty grain de sel offers combinations of ingredients for ever more original and tasty recipes. Enough to enhance your dishes with a little iodine touch.

Cooking Salt & Aromates for Crustaceans- PENMARCH

Court -Bouillon with Seaweed. An essential flavouring to add to the boiling water before cooking live Crabs or Lobsters, also great on whole baked fish, Meat roast or vegetables.

Gourmet Mackerel in Sancerre Wine Marinade – PENMARCH

To offer you unparalleled quality, our mackerel fillets are lifted by hand by us in Brittany. Mackerel, naturally rich in omega 3, contributes to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. This is a good reason to have fun! And to taste it, nothing could be simpler, this fish lends itself to many recipes according to your desires: salads, rillettes, gratin …

Gourmet Sardines in Ground Nut Oil – PENMARCH

La Sardine de Douarnenez. Enjoy the superior taste and the craft of 100 years of fish canning tradition. “Pointe de Penmarch Sardines” are prepared, trimmed and tinned by hand. Freshly landed, never frozen for a Premium superior tasting Sardine.

Sardines prepared entirely by hand according to ancestral know-how that we perpetuate. After being headed and gutted, the sardines are nested fresh and covered with a traditional peanut oil. In this recipe, the oil used comes from a selection of peanuts from the best plantations. While remaining tasty, this authentic recipe retains all its nutritional values: omega 3, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. Be careful, some people may have an allergic sensitivity to peanuts.


Lobster Bisque (Soup) 400g – PENMARCH

Taste the unique smoothness of this lobster soup prepared with the greatest care by Pointe de Penmarc’h, made from pincers and similar to lobster bisque. This hot soup will be perfect for a light and complete meal on winter evenings.

We have cooked the best of fish and lobster for a real velvety taste. An incomparable delight to simply reheat in the pan and enjoy with a few seaweed croutons or shrimp rouille sauce. This lobster soup is smooth and you can easily dilute it with a little water or liquid crème fraîche. Its delicate flavor can also be used as a basis for preparing excellent sauces.


Langoustine Bisque (Soup) 400g – PENMARCH

A specialty of the fishing ports on the Atlantic coast, langoustine is also called “La demoiselle du Guilvinec”! Taste the refined flavor of langoustine flesh in this new Breton recipe with a fantastic aroma!

Velouté of langoustines accompanied by its subtle note of cognac. This soup is prepared from a selection of the best pieces of fish (head and legs) and langoustine (heads, tails) caught in the Atlantic. Simply reheat it and you have a complete meal with the good taste of the sea! And for even more pleasure, enjoy your soup with small seaweed croutons and a little shrimp rouille sauce, or a touch of cream.


Sardine & Whisky Pate – PENMARCH

Enjoy this Anchovy Spread from Brittany on toast or as a dip for vegetables or crisps.

Also delicious in tarts, rice or pasta dishes or as an addition to salads.

Gourmet Mackerel in Lemon & Basil Marinade – PENMARCH

Mackerel lovers will be won over by this unique recipe, with a marinade prepared from lemon and basil. Discover the combination full of freshness of these two flavors, which delicately underline the natural taste of the fish.

The mackerels are sorted, trimmed and filleted by hand. Then they are nested one by one after the aromatics have been placed at the bottom of the box. Our fish are caught at the peak of their seasonality to obtain an optimal level of fat and very tender flesh. They then guarantee you an excellent supply of omega 3, fatty acids that promote the proper functioning of the heart and brain. These mackerel fillets and their oil-free marinade will be perfect as a starter or main course.

Gourmet Mackerel in Mustard Marinade – PENMARCH

Delicate association of mackerel fillets topped with their gourmet sauce with two mustards. One is powerful, the other smooth with slightly crunchy seeds: it’s the perfect balance of aromas.

Finely cut by hand, the mackerel fillets are placed one by one in the boxes and coated with their sauce. In addition to its very refined flavor, mackerel is naturally rich in omega 3 and therefore contributes to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. Very practical, this canned fish can be eaten simply, directly in its box or as a recipe in a salad, a quiche or lasagna.

Gourmet Mackerel in Tomato Marinade – PENMARCH

Succulent recipe with southern accents! Tasty canned mackerel fillets, accompanied by their tomato-based marinade, green olives, onions and red peppers.

From sorting to canning, our mackerel fillets are entirely prepared by hand. The aromatics are delicately deposited at the bottom of the can before the canning of the mackerel. We guarantee you a very great tenderness and a rich supply of omega 3, since our fish are caught at the best of the season for an optimal fat level. These fillets and their tomato and vegetable sauce will go perfectly with a summer salad.

Gourmet Mackerel in Brine – PENMARCH

The unique flavor of the fish is totally preserved with this natural recipe. The mackerel fillets are carefully chosen, this particular attention allows us to guarantee you generous and quality pieces for your greatest taste pleasure!

Our mackerels are caught at the best of the season, with respect for the species. Prepared with care, the mackerels in natural fillets are cut and placed manually in each box to preserve an authentic natural pleasure. Rich in omega 3, this fish offers tender and very tasty flesh. In a gratin, in a cake or even in stuffed vegetables, these delicious mackerels can be cooked in many different recipes and go well with a multitude of flavors.

Gourmet Sardines in Olive Oil – PENMARCH

It is a real know-how, transmitted from generation to generation, that the preparation of the emblematic old-fashioned sardines. The authentic and ancestral recipe resurfaces when you open the tin: the sardines are chosen with care and fried in their oil. To taste absolutely!

This authentic old-fashioned sardine recipe is based on ancestral know-how exclusively made by hand. The sardines are caught off the coast of Brittany, fried in a large bath of olive oil and then stored fresh, one by one in their box. Their preparation is done with the greatest respect to preserve the quality of the fish. You just have to open the can of sardines to taste it! In addition to this specific taste, the old-fashioned sardine retains its nutritional values ​​and remains rich in Omega 3, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D.


Gourmet Sardines in Spicy Marinade – PENMARCH

For lovers of a spicier taste, these old-fashioned sardines, candied in olive oil, are put by hand in the boxes with “just the right amount” of small pieces of carefully selected sweet pepper

Sardines in olive oil, chilli and herbs are prepared in the traditional way, that is to say that they are lightly fried in oil after careful gutting and heading. They are then covered with first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Each box contains between 4 and 6 sardines, depending on the size of the fish. Do not hesitate to keep your boxes by turning them over from time to time: old-fashioned sardines are like good wine, they improve with age!


Gourmet Sardines with Seaweed – PENMARCH

This delicious recipe subtly combines the finesse of our sardines with the iodized flavors of Roscoff seaweed, all bathed in Provençal herbs. The seaweed tartare is seasoned with capers and garlic then marinated in extra virgin olive oil. A treat to discover!

The old-fashioned sardine is prepared by hand, in Brittany according to a unique know-how. After being headed, gutted and fried, the sardine is stuffed fresh then garnished with wild Roscoff seaweed tartare (sea bean, dulse, wakame) and cultured seaweed (sea lettuce). The seaweed is seasoned with capers, garlic and Provencal herbs then marinated in organic olive oil. This product has excellent nutritional benefits for health.


Gourmet Sardines in Lemon Marinade – PENMARCH

You will appreciate this recipe which preserves the authentic taste of sardines with just a little tangy note that enhances it! We simply added a thin slice of lemon to this very high quality preparation. This is delicious !

This authentic old-fashioned sardine recipe is based on ancestral know-how exclusively made by hand. The sardines are caught off the coast of Brittany, fried in a large bath of olive oil and then stored fresh, one by one in their box. Their preparation is done with the greatest respect to preserve the quality of the fish. You just have to open the can of sardines to taste it! It also goes perfectly in a salad, with steamed potatoes, or simply placed on a slice of toasted bread. For more elaborate dishes, opt for the recipe for sardine rillettes which is very easy to cook.


Gourmet Sardines with Vanilla – PENMARCH

Discover our unexpected recipe for old-fashioned canned sardines combined with Madagascar vanilla. An exotic and subtle note that will appeal to sardine lovers.



Gourmet Sardines with Ginger & Lemongrass – PENMARCH

Be amazed by the amazing taste of canned old-fashioned sardines with ginger and lemongrass-infused sunflower oil. An original note straight from Asia, which goes wonderfully with sardines.



Gourmet Sardines with Sundried Tomatoes – PENMARCH

Put the sun on your plate with the flavor of tomato and its olive oil. Confiterelles is a sauce made from naturally sun-dried tomatoes, cut into grains and garnished with aromatics, herbs and spices, then candied in olive oil.

Our old-fashioned sardines are caught at the best of the season in order to obtain an optimal fat level. All the preparation is then done by hand, in Brittany, following AFNOR standards. The candied and aromatic tomatoes are delicately placed at the bottom of the can before adding the fresh sardines. Everything is covered with olive oil to bring tenderness to the fish. The combination of these ingredients provides exceptional nutritional values ​​for our health.


Gourmet Sardine Fillets with Mustard – PENMARCH

A combination of flavors that will appeal to all tastes! An original recipe to rediscover canned sardines with the guarantee of boneless fish!

Canned sardine fillets, carefully prepared by hand with an old-fashioned mustard sauce: to be enjoyed as is on a slice of toast, or accompanied by steamed potatoes with a few sprigs of parsley flat. Fished mainly in Brittany, these sardines bring you the best of the sea thanks to these nutritional contributions, which contribute to a balanced diet.

Gourmet Sardine Fillets with 5 Spices – PENMARCH

Discover the finesse of the 5 berries combined with olive oil for even tastier sardine fillets. This mixture enhances the taste of fish with its slightly spicy flavor. These fillets, practical to prepare because they have no bones, will go wonderfully with your pasta dishes or salads.

Our sardines are selected and then cut with the greatest care to offer you the best piece of sardine: the fillets, guaranteed boneless. These fish are caught and prepared by hand off the coast of Brittany. Responsible fishing methods provide you with sardines with an optimal fat content. Rich in Omega 3, this fish has many nutritional benefits for your health.

Gourmet Sardine Fillets in Escabeche Sauce – PENMARCH

You will appreciate the combination of sardine fillets and their tasty sauce with the good taste of shallots from Brittany and tomato concentrate! The sardine escabèche is a classic that you never get tired of!

Our sardines are prepared by hand, in Brittany. They are cut with the greatest care and their bones are removed to keep only the best: the fillets. After being arranged by hand one by one in their box, the fillets are topped with their sauce, which gives them a unique good taste. Responsible fishing respecting seasonality guarantees you a high nutritional quality of the fish. Fished at the best of the season for an optimal fat level, the sardine has many health benefits through its supply of nutrients and Omega 3.

Smoked Herring Fillet – PENMARCH

Find all the authenticity of herring with these fillets naturally smoked with beech wood. Cooked with carrots, small fondant onions and covered with sunflower oil to give them all the lightness, they will delight you all winter long.

Fished in the North-East Atlantic, from the end of summer until the beginning of autumn, the herring fillets are then rigorously selected, canned by hand and prepared thanks to real smoking with beech wood. As a fatty fish, herring is very rich in omega 3. Smoked herring fillets go very well with potatoes. You can also simply opt for a tasty vegetable gardener!

Smoked Cod Liver PENMARCH

Delicious cod liver smoked in beech wood thanks to natural smoking.

Smoked Cod Liver with Orange & Honey – PENMARCH

The sweetness of honey and the hint of acidity of orange delicately add to the flavor, a delight on a slice of toast.


Gourmet Sardines in Brine – PENMARCH

Cooked in a delicately flavored court-bouillon, the natural sardines express all the authenticity of their flavors. This traditional recipe allows you to perceive all the good taste of this fish.

Carefully prepared by hand, natural sardines will seduce lovers of this little blue fish. The sardine is caught then directly placed fresh and whole in a can, all off the coast of Brittany. This recipe will give you all the nutritional benefits of sardines: omega 3, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D. Thanks to its firm flesh, it can be eaten as is, accompanied by steamed potatoes or on a slice of toasted bread , so much its iodized flavors are appreciated with simplicity. You can also make one of our recipes using canned sardines.


Gourmet Sardines with Candied Citrus Peel – PENMARCH

We offer you, one of our latest arrivals that can be said to pep… an old-fashioned sardine recipe with semi-candied citrus zest. A wonderful blend of sweet and savory.

An explosion for the taste buds! If you like salty sweetness, our new old-fashioned sardine with semi-candied citrus zest is made for you.


Vintage Sardines in Olive Oil Art Edition (Millesime 2020 Paul Moal) – PENMARCH

Sardines encased fresh in the fishing season, made the old-fashioned way and canned in Douarnenez, kept for 4 months so that they have started to confit in their extra virgin olive oil.

This tin is the result of a collaboration with a Breton artist Paul Moal (painter, sculptor born in 1948 in Douarnenez)


Pate/ Spread ‘Rillettes’ Sardine – PENMARCH

Let yourself be tempted by our tasty canned sardine rillettes! You will love rediscovering the subtle taste of sardines and sharing a moment of conviviality during a gourmet aperitif or a lunch on the grass. Guaranteed success with your guests!

Traditional recipe with 60% sardine fillet for a nice texture. Our sardines are caught at the best of the season to guarantee them an optimal fat level. Sardines therefore contain many health benefits through their supply of nutrients and Omega 3 in particular. Rillettes to spread on beautiful slices of bread or to combine with our seaweed toast, and to enjoy with family or friends. Add a mustard sauce or lemon juice to enhance this recipe.

Pate/ Spread ‘Rillettes’ Mackerel, Veg & Spices – PENMARCH

When Breton marine flavors meet the warmth of spices, this gives rise to this wonderful spreadable recipe. Taste it as an aperitif, on our seaweed toasts and take a beautiful taste journey…

Marriage of mackerel, red beans, red peppers, carrots, onions and tasty spices, all preserved in a quality oval can. Pointe de Penmarc’h has developed this original rillettes recipe for you which allows you to vary the flavors of the aperitif or sandwiches. Share friendly and gourmet moments with friends or family.

Pate/Spread ‘Rillettes’ Tuna, Veg & Spices – PENMARCH

Make your taste buds travel by savoring our canned tuna spread with oriental spices. Full of exoticism, the melting texture of finely cut tuna will appeal to young and old alike!

Subtle combination of tuna accompanied by tomatoes, zucchini, chickpeas, yellow peppers, black olives and spices. These carefully selected ingredients offer a spread imagined and produced in Brittany. These rillettes are excellent for an original and gourmet aperitif. Enjoy them simply on toast with seaweed or a nice slice of fresh bread. Guaranteed success with your guests!

Pate/Spread ‘Toastig’ Mackerel, Mustard & Seaweed – PENMARCH

Let yourself be surprised by our specialty, mackerel toastig with seaweed and mustard.

Very refined iodized pleasure! Enjoy this tasty toastig with mackerel, mustard and Wakamé seaweed. Melting and spicy on the palate, this spread is enhanced with pepper and salt. Ideal for a gourmet snack or as an aperitif.

Pate/Spread ‘Toastig’ Cod Liver & Lemon – PENMARCH

We offer you for your aperitifs or starter this toastig of cod liver with lemon. It has an original flavor, it is a delicate and creamy dish that will delight your taste buds on toast or toast.

Pep and fondant guaranteed! This cod liver toasting with lemon is ideal for your aperitifs and snacks on the go. The preparation consists of cod liver, cod roe, lemon pulp and salt. The creamy texture of this cod liver recipe goes perfectly with wholemeal bread.

Pate/ Spread ‘Toastig’ Sardine & Chilli – PENMARCH

Need a touch of exoticism to make your taste buds travel during your aperitifs, we offer you a novelty this sardine toastig with chilli. Rich in flavor that will be perfect with our seaweed toast or a good slice of fresh bread.

The taste of chilli mixed with this sardine toastig will take you on a journey to the delight of your taste buds. You will also find mackerel, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper. Its full-bodied taste will delight lovers of gourmet aperitifs and tasty sandwiches taken on the go.

Vintage Sardines in Olive Oil Art Edition (Millesime 2020 Marianne Larvol) – PENMARCH

Sardines encased fresh in the fishing season, made the old-fashioned way and canned in Douarnenez, kept for 4 months so that they have started to confit in their extra virgin olive oil.

This box is the result of a collaboration with a Breton artist Marianne Larvol.

Marianne Larvol lives and works in Douarnenez. The sea, an infinite source of inspiration, is omnipresent in his poetic and colorful illustrations.
Limited quantity.

Vintage sardines

Our expertise

Every year art invites itself on our old-fashioned sardine cans.
For the limited edition of the 2021 vintage, it is the work of the Breton painter Fañch Moal, who highlights the work of Breton fishermen and sublimates the boxes of these delicious old-fashioned sardines in virgin olive oil. extra, matured several months before being marketed!
The year of the vintage indicated on the box is the year of fishing of the fish and casing.
Only the species Sardina pilchardus Walbum is used. Pointe de Penmarc’h vintage sardines are caught in Douarnenez, they are of the “extra” category and have a minimum fat content of 8% to guarantee optimal texture and flavor.
As soon as they are landed in the early morning, they arrive at the cannery shortly after and are processed during the day.
They are made ”  in the old fashioned  way”, that is to say that the fish preparation stages are done by hand (heading, gutting, canning). There is a fish frying step that allows you to obtain the very special texture of a good sardine.

A care product

Before arriving on our plates, the vintage tins are kept for several months in the Douarnenez workshops, to let them preserve in extra virgin olive oil, rigorously selected for its quality, its taste and its aromas by the experts of the cannery. Their flesh, becoming more and more mellow, develops aromas and exceptional flavors.
Like good wine, these sardines improve over time: after 6 to 8 years, they are candied to perfection and filled with olive oil, the central bone is almost dissolved and the flesh is tender.
Fans know that vintage Pointe de Penmarc’h sardines get better with time. If the most greedy will taste them during the year, the most patient can keep them for up to 8 years, turning the box over every 6 months, before appreciating all the aromas.
In any case, we recommend tasting them as simply as possible with a slice of lightly toasted country bread.

A collector’s item

In addition to being delicious, the boxes are beautiful! Pointe de Penmarc’h is committed to showcasing a work by a Breton artist in each vintage.
Each vintage is produced in a limited series. It is also for this reason that they are highly sought after.
Sardine tin collectors are called puxisardinophiles or clupéidophiles. In the Jura, an enthusiast has been collecting boxes for about ten years. He owns 500 of them bought in France, and more particularly in delicatessens on the Brittany coast.


Vintage Sardines in Olive Oil Art Edition (Millesime 2019) – PENMARCH

Vintage Sardines 2019
The sardines are encased fresh during the fishing season, made the old-fashioned way and canned in Douarnenez. Very rich in omega 3 and calcium, the vintage sardines have been kept for 4 months until they have started to preserve in their extra virgin olive oil. Don’t forget to turn your can around every 6 months so that your sardines are always bathed in their oil, and improve over time.

Vintage Sardines in Olive Oil Art Edition (Millesime 2021 Paul Moal) – PENMARCH

Sardines encased fresh in the fishing season, made the old-fashioned way and canned in Douarnenez, kept for 4 months so that they have started to confit in their extra virgin olive oil.

This tin is the result of a collaboration with a Breton artist Paul Moal (painter, sculptor born in 1948 in Douarnenez)


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