Sustainable Seafood Ireland

Sustainability takes on a slightly different meaning whether you are a Marine Scientist, an Enthusiastic Celebrity Chef, an EU Parliamentarian, a Fishmonger, or a Fisherman at Sea on the West Coast of Ireland…

Gannet’s interpretation of what is sustainable, is not just as simple as a Eat/ Don’t Eat categorization, Because neither is the catch of a fishing boat.

Fishmongers have an obvious vested interest selling any fish consumers want to buy. Doing it while remaining objective is possible and a duty of ours. Our future as a business is linked to the long-term management of our Marine resources and as it happens better sustainable fishing also means better quality fish for us to work with. With our practical insight in the fishing industry and a dash of common sense, we can look at a logical fish stock assessment and recommendations.


Static and individual fishing methods: Pots, Gill-nets, line-caught, etc…

-Selective fishing methods (Trawl with fish separator technology, Catch avoidance methods, …)

Fish Stocks which are above their MSY (Maximum Sustainable Yield)

Making full use of the catch.

Fishermen improving their practice.

Some fish farming practice.

– Fly fishing.


European and Irish government policies & management of our fisheries.- Non-Static fishing methods: Trawl, dredge,etc…

Non-selective fishing methods.


Targeting fish stocks which are below their MSY ( Maximum sustainable Yield)

Some Fish farming practice.

Flying fish. ✈️

While out of sight, the sustainability of what goes on in far flown Third world fisheries must not be overlooked. Some of the Environmental and Human Cost of our taste for some exotic seafood would leave a bitter flavour if looked at closely… (A reason we stopped sourcing farmed imports from South East Asia…)

The recommendations we are making on the sustainability of our products are solely based on our opinion and experiences. As a consumer you are also intimately responsible for deciding which products are sold and which ones are not.

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