Pate/ Spread ‘Rillettes’ Mackerel, Veg & Spices – PENMARCH

When Breton marine flavors meet the warmth of spices, this gives rise to this wonderful spreadable recipe. Taste it as an aperitif, on our seaweed toasts and take a beautiful taste journey…

Marriage of mackerel, red beans, red peppers, carrots, onions and tasty spices, all preserved in a quality oval can. Pointe de Penmarc’h has developed this original rillettes recipe for you which allows you to vary the flavors of the aperitif or sandwiches. Share friendly and gourmet moments with friends or family.

115g Oval Tin Penmarch
One pack costs: €3.75

MACKEREL 34%, kidney beans 12%, water, red peppers 9%, carrots 8%, sunflower oil, onion

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