Gourmet Sardines in Spicy Marinade – PENMARCH

For lovers of a spicier taste, these old-fashioned sardines, candied in olive oil, are put by hand in the boxes with “just the right amount” of small pieces of carefully selected sweet pepper

Sardines in olive oil, chilli and herbs are prepared in the traditional way, that is to say that they are lightly fried in oil after careful gutting and heading. They are then covered with first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Each box contains between 4 and 6 sardines, depending on the size of the fish. Do not hesitate to keep your boxes by turning them over from time to time: old-fashioned sardines are like good wine, they improve with age!


115g Tin Penmarch
One pack costs: €4.25
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  • Ingredients:

    SARDINES, extra virgin olive oil, onions 2.6%, pickled pepper 1.5% (chili, alcohol vinegar,

    • Sustainability:
      Latin name:Sardina pilchardus
    • Catch area / Method of capture:
      Landed in Douarnenez, caught by seine net, Brittany, France