Gourmet Sardine Fillets with Mustard – PENMARCH

A combination of flavors that will appeal to all tastes! An original recipe to rediscover canned sardines with the guarantee of boneless fish!

Canned sardine fillets, carefully prepared by hand with an old-fashioned mustard sauce: to be enjoyed as is on a slice of toast, or accompanied by steamed potatoes with a few sprigs of parsley flat. Fished mainly in Brittany, these sardines bring you the best of the sea thanks to these nutritional contributions, which contribute to a balanced diet.

115g Tin Penmarch
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  • Ingredients:

    sardine fillets, water, MUSTARD (water - MUSTARD seeds - alcohol vinegar - salt - acidifier:

    • Sustainability:
      Latin name:Sardina pilchardus
    • Catch area / Method of capture:
      Landed in Douarnenez, caught by seine net, Brittany, France