Pate/ Spread ‘Rillettes’ Sardine – PENMARCH

Let yourself be tempted by our tasty canned sardine rillettes! You will love rediscovering the subtle taste of sardines and sharing a moment of conviviality during a gourmet aperitif or a lunch on the grass. Guaranteed success with your guests!

Traditional recipe with 60% sardine fillet for a nice texture. Our sardines are caught at the best of the season to guarantee them an optimal fat level. Sardines therefore contain many health benefits through their supply of nutrients and Omega 3 in particular. Rillettes to spread on beautiful slices of bread or to combine with our seaweed toast, and to enjoy with family or friends. Add a mustard sauce or lemon juice to enhance this recipe.

115g Oval Tin Penmarch
One pack costs: €3.75

SARDINE fillets 60%, water, CREAM, sunflower oil, onion, lemon, sugar cane fibres, salt

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