Gourmet Sardines in Brine – PENMARCH

Cooked in a delicately flavored court-bouillon, the natural sardines express all the authenticity of their flavors. This traditional recipe allows you to perceive all the good taste of this fish.

Carefully prepared by hand, natural sardines will seduce lovers of this little blue fish. The sardine is caught then directly placed fresh and whole in a can, all off the coast of Brittany. This recipe will give you all the nutritional benefits of sardines: omega 3, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D. Thanks to its firm flesh, it can be eaten as is, accompanied by steamed potatoes or on a slice of toasted bread , so much its iodized flavors are appreciated with simplicity. You can also make one of our recipes using canned sardines.


135g Tin Penmarch
One pack costs: €4.25
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  • Ingredients:

    SARDINES, water, lemon, salt, natural flavor.

    • Sustainability:
    • Catch area / Method of capture: