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Monk fish & Chorizo – Let’s Turf your Surf….

Supper easy, not too spicy, always  tasty,…  The oils from the Chorizo, will convey the flavors and fire up your taste buds.


The fish, preferably Monk fish Cutlets, (cartilage in ) but we would also use any of the following:  Monk fish fillets,   Monk Fish Cheeks or sweet  Baby Monk tails .  Alternatively any other fiem white fish such as Ling or  Hake would also do great for that that dish, but do not forget to adjust cooking times to thickness…

Everything else: Sliced cooking chorizo, crushed Garlic, Sliced onions,  Red or Green pepper, Olive oil, Can of tomatoes, Seasoning.


In a deep, heavy frying pan, sizzle your Chorizo…

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