FACT … Fish cooked on the bone always taste nicer, and when it comes to Turbot, this could not be truer. Worried about bones, Turbot flesh is really firm and will simply lift off the bone frame once cooked. Amazing flavours, How to serve such a big whole fish? Simple dish it, whole at the table, in its cooking tray.



  1. Turbot ( av: 400/600g per serving )
  2. Butter, Glass of dry white wine
  3. 1 onion, 1 Lemon
  4. Garden Herbs: Bay leaf parsley, Chervil, Thyme, ...
  5. mix of Cherry tomatoes or sweet Tomato on the vine
  6. Vegs: Fennel, sliced Courgettes, pepper, Mange tout beans, carrottes etc...
  7. Rice, Steamed or roasted sliced potatoes


  1. 1 Rest the fish outside the fridge for an hour before cooking it .
  2. 2 Chop the onion (thin enough...) Slice the lemon, Split the cherry tomatoes in half if larger ones. Chop the fresh herbs and other vegs. Zest some of the lemon, cut a few thin slices for garnish, and quarter the rest of it to serve with the fish
  3. 3 Preheat your oven at 210 degree
  4. 4 Rinse the fish under running water, inside out. Score the fish along the central top spine, and cut a few sideway slashes.
  5. 5 Add a thin layer of chopped onion on the bottom of a baking dish ( This will stop the underside of the fish from sticking to the dish). Place the fish on top, dark side on top.
  6. 6 Heat up the glass of white wine in a small sauce pan, and gently pour it over the fish, aiming at the scores. The heat will contract the skin layer open up the scoring.
  7. 7 Season your turbot with a generous amount of salt & ground white pepper, spread the herbs lemon zest and small knobs of butter in the open scores. Garnish with the lemon slices
  8. 8 Sprinkles some of the onions on top and spread around the fish along with the tomatoes and other veg.
  9. 9 Time to put your fish in the oven. Cover with Tin foil, Reduce the heat to 180 and bake for 25 minutes for one kg fish, and about 40-45 minutes for 2 kg minutes depending on fish size and meatiness
  10. 10 How to be sure this fish is cooked through? Probe it with a knife lifting up the flesh along the score in the thickest part of the fish. The cooked fillet should easily detach itself from the bone. Once the fish is cooked, cover with kitchen foil and rest 5 minutes before serving.
  11. 11 Enjoy

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