Breton Fish Soup (800g) – LA BELLE ILOISE

Cultivate tradition with this inimitable and tasty Breton fish soup, recognizable by its well-iodized nature, its light texture, and its subtly spicy final touch!

Savor the authenticity of a real Breton fish soup!

The marine flavors of its fish, conger eel and gurnard, are enhanced by a mixture of herbs and spices, a well-kept secret!

Easy to prepare and comforting in winter and summer, this traditional fish soup is made to be shared and delight the whole table. At the first spoonful, its beautiful coral color with orange nuances reveals a tantalizing aroma ready to invigorate us.

It can be accompanied by croutons, rouille, crème fraîche and grated cheese, or enjoyed as is, but, as indicated on the box, remember to dilute it well !

One pack costs: €8.75
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  • Ingredients:

    Water, fish (40%), tomato concentrate, potato starch, salt, aromatic plants, yeast extract (contains barley ) , spices, onion extract.

    • Sustainability: