Wild Trout with toasted almonds and Creme fresh sauce.

Wild Trout with toasted almonds and Creme fresh sauce.

A creamy & Delicious French Classic recipe “ Truite aux Amandes” (Trout & Almonds) One pan job, 3 ingredients, ready in 10 minutes.





  1. Trout fillets or Salmon,
  2. Sliced Almonds,
  3. Creme Fraiche ( No affiliation.. But French Yoplait brand will not split.. ),
  4. Ground nut oil,
  5. Seasoning.


  1. 1 Begin by tossing & toasting a big handful of sliced Almonds in a very hot pan. Toasted not cremated so mind that pan and keep tossing around until  a nice Brown. Remove from the heat and spread on a baking tray to allow almonds to keep on drying while cooling down.
  2. 2 Return the pan to the heat, warm sufficiently, grease with very little groundnut oil add your pre-seasoned trout fillets portion skin side down.
  3. 3 Cook the fish according to thickness, a simple rule of thumb is to get the fish cooked 1 cm all around before flipping around to finish cooking the  fleshy side.
  4. 4 Reduce heat to low, add your Creme Fraiche and almonds reserving a few for a final garnish.  Baste the fillets with the sauce while reducing to thicker but a still runny consistency.
  5. 5 Serve with either boiled Rice or Pasta.

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