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SCALLOPS in Creamed Roe & Saffron Sauce

Scallops eat them with or without the roe ? The opinions are mixed, They are full of flavour, but their tougher texture does not appeal to everyone..  Still not an excuse to waste them, they are too precious, and we found a sweet compromise in this delicious Scallops sauce.  This recipe is quick & super simple but still will look like you got yourself into lots of efforts & trou

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FACT ... Fish cooked on the bone always taste nicer, and when it comes to Turbot, this could not be truer. Worried about bones, Turbot flesh is really firm and will simply lift off the bone frame once cooked. Amazing flavours, How to serve such a big whole fish? Simple dish it, whole at the table, in its cooking tray.  

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Everything taste delicious cooked a BBQ. But have you tried Ray Wings ? They are always great value and plentiful during the summer months €12 would get you enough to feed 2/3 hungry Gannets and they are high in Omega 3 content.. Ray wings are sold skinned & ready to cook. On the bone, but not a real one... a central cartilage from which the flesh will spoon off easily once fu

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