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River Prawns (8/12) freshwater

The Giant River Prawn (GRP), also known as Macrobrachium (big arm) are very popular in Asia where they naturally colonize fresh water Rivers and brackish Mangroves. They are a much lesser known specie on Europeean fish markets, but are sometimes sold Headless/ Clawless  under the commercial appelation of “Fresh Water Prawns Tails”. Pity since those stunning Big Blue Claws is just what makes them so particulary impressive… ???

Size does matter in the Prawns Ponds. The guys with the Big Blue Claws are dominant Males which grow to much larger sizes than and females or regular males.

Our GRP are farmed in Bangladesh where they offer an alternative to traditional shrimp farming and are often associated with Rice Cultivation where the predatory nature of those Prawns is benefit pest control.

What do they taste ? like regular Prawns. Can you eat those claws? We would not attempt as they are so spiky. What the point then? Stick one of them on a plate and you will see …



from the Rivers of South East Asia. This fresh water Prawns

800g Box (8-12pcs)
One pack costs: €17.50
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      Latin name:Macrobrachium rosenbergii
    • Catch area / Method of capture:
      Farmed in fresh water, Bangladesh