Osietra Caviar (30g)

Russian sturgeon caviar is one of the most expensive and sought-after delicacies in the world, a sign of refined taste and a truly exclusive product. The colour of its eggs varies from dark brown to grey-black with a golden hue. This caviar variety is characterised by a distinctive nutty flavour and a rich aroma. The grain size ranges from 1.5 mm to 2.00 mm.

The Russian sturgeon (lat. Acipenser gueldenstaedtii) is a fish of the sturgeon family that naturally enters rivers from the sea only for spawning. Most females spawn from the age of 8-10 every four or five years. The average fishweight is about 12 kg. At the beginning of the 20th century, Russian sturgeon was widespread in Russia, hence its name. It was the Russian sturgeon that initiated commercial sturgeon farming in 1955, as Russian sturgeon caviar is distinguished by its outstanding gastronomic value and exceptionally high quality. Many experts place it even higher than beluga sturgeon caviar, although the grain of the Russian sturgeon is finer and has a more elastic shell.

Caviar is always a joy that comes from the heart, for example as a thank-you gift or a special moment of pleasure for loved ones.




30g Jar Lemberg
One pack costs: €24.50
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  • Ingredients:

    Osietra roe (Acipenser schrenckii x Huso dauricus ), salt, E285

    • Sustainability:
      Latin name:Hybrid Acipenser schrenckii x Huso dauricus
    • Catch area / Method of capture:
      Farmed & Produced In Germany