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2 KG D€AL Red black Spot Sea Bream
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Black spot Bream also known as Red Sea Bream were once relatively common on the West coast off Ireland. Old Fishermen from the Aran Islands told us they were catching them frequently until the species suddenly disappeared. This Eastern Atlantic & Mediteranean species has a broad distribution range spreading from Mauritania to Norway. Larger fish are caught along the continental slops.   They are known as Besugo in Spain. They are part of the traditional Xmas Eve Dinner. The French have named it Daurade (Sea-bream) Beaux Yeux  (Pretty Eyes) cute….   Landing of those fish by Irish boats is unusual. If you want it, you buy it… this week!!!  Not next….


2 kg (5 -6 pieces)
One pack costs: €30.00 (Save €6.00)
  • Sustainability:
    Latin name:Pagellus bogaraveo
  • Catch area / Method of capture:
    Trawl caught, Landed in Greencastle