WHOLE FLAT FISH PAN FRIED (French Meuniere Style)

WHOLE FLAT FISH PAN FRIED (French Meuniere Style)

Cooking whole flat fish is delicious and easy. “Fish cooked on the bone is always so much tastier”. The term Meunière comes France cooking classic the word “Meunier” stands for the man grinding wheat into flour …

Flour is not needed to pan fry a whole fish but it will add up a nice brown colour to the finish dish, make the skin crispier and will certainly help to retain all the buttery flavours used during cooking.


  1. Whole flat fish (one per serving ) 300-500 g each
  2. Flour: Wheat fine or coarse, Rice flour, Fine Polenta, gram flour (chickpeas)
  3. Salt & pepper to season
  4. Vegetal oil
  5. Butter
  6. Optional: Garlic- Capers-Parsley- etc…
  7. Lemon to serve


  1. 1 Select “Trim my fish” in the preparation method or “French cut (head off) & Trim my fish” if your pans are too small or Dinner looking back at you is of a concern to you or any of your guests 😉
  2. 2 Rince the fish well under running water and pat dry with kitchen paper.
  3. 3 Season with Salt & pepper and dip both side into the flour. Shake any excess.
  4. 4 In a Pre-heated thick pan, add a very thin coating of oil.
  5. 5 When smoking hot, add the fish Top side down ( the side the eyes with the eyes or the darker side if your fish got its French cut 😉)
  6. 6 Stir the pan carefully for the first few minutes to make sure the fish does not stick.
  7. 7 Cook for 8 minutes and delicately flip the fish around with a fish slice ( that were the name comes from) Adjust cooking time according to thickness 10 minutes per centimetre is enough
  8. 8 Lower the heat to medium and add a generous lump of butter and keep basting the fish while cooking it on the thinner side, giving the pan the odd shake ( 5 minutes). In the last few minutes, you may add any extra flavours such as Capers, Garlic, parsley, lemon juice at this stage
  9. 9 Check the fish is fully cooked through by pricking with a toothpick at the thickest part. ( it should go straight through)
  10. 10 Ready, serve at once

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