Organic Seaweed Salad in Vinaigrette – PORTO MUINOS

Wakame, kombu and sea spaghetti salad dressed in vinaigrette. Galician dressed seaweeds. It is presented in an easy to open can

Ready to use. Does not require previous preparation to be consumed. It is used to dress or complement salads, potatoes with boiled veggies. As a garnish for meat, fish and seafood. With scrambled eggs, poached or boiled at a low temperature.



One pack costs: €3.00 (Save €0.50)
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  • Ingredients:

    Seaweed* (wakame*, Sea Spaghetti*, kombu*), extra virgin olive oil*, sunflower oil*, cider vinegar*, sea salt and white pepper*. *Ingredients from organic production. May contain traces of FISH, CRUSTACEANS and MOLLUSCS.

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