Teriyaki Mackerel Don

Teriyaki Mackerel Don

Delicious fatty (oily) Winter  Mackerel are in pick season right now. Delicious with this easy recipe, simply basted in Japanese style Sweet Teriyaki sauce:  pan fried fish on a rice bowl with a variety of garnish.



  1. Oily fish fillets such as Mackerel, Salmon (small pieces) , or even Trout fillets (150 to 200 gr per servings )
  2. Teriyaki sauce
  3. Rice: Sushi rice (Sushi Rice & Sushi vinegar) or regular long grain & Basmati, will also do the trick .
  4. Sweet corn tin
  5. cucumbers
  6. 3 eggs
  7. Spring onion (3 larges ones)
  8. Red chili (seeded)
  9. 3 Garlic cloves
  10. Sesame seed ( black, White or a mix of both )
  11. sunflower oil


  1. 1 While the pan is clean and dry, start by toasting your sesame seeds on medium heat for a couple minutes. You can use white seeds only but we love combining both Black and white.... Leave to cool down spread on a plate. ( Use as a garnish to finish the dish).
  2. 2 Thinly slice a few large Garlic bulbs into 2 mm wafers. Gently pan fry them in a bit of oil until drying out and turning a light brown color. Be careful , they are thin and turn very quick from brown to black... if so start again ... Once perfect, remove and lay on a piece of absorbent kitchen paper to drag out the extra oil. (Use as a garnish decoration to finish the dish).
  3. 3 Add Teriyaki marinate with the juice of a lemon to your mackerel fillets, coat well, set aside for for 10-15 minutes.
  4. 4 Start cooking your Rice.. which should always be rinses off a few times in running water. - NEVER over wash, it would make the end result very sticky - Cover rice with lightly salted water until water level reach the top of your index first phalange or about 2 cm (CHEF TIP) .... No more.... Bring to a simmer, and reduce heat to low, covering your pot with a heavy lid. DO NOT lift the lid to check your rice in the first 10 minutes : Basmati, 15 minutes : Regular long grain, Sushi rice : 15 minutes + 10 minutes Check and taste. It should be perfectly done and fluffy, having absorbed all the liquid in the pot. Set aside. if the rice is "slightly" underdone do not worry as it will likely keep on cooking for a few minutes with the residual heat. If a little too crunchy... #better luck next time, blame either the pot, this recipe ( or may be YOU should not have lifted the lid to have a peek at the rice mid cooking, we told you ...) Quickly boil the kettle to add a splash of extra piping hot water to try to finish. the end result might be a little more starchy but it is better than wasting all that rice and starting all over again...
  5. 5 Slice your spring onions: cross way for the white part, length way for the green stalks . Remove the seed from your red chili and cut it up in tiny little squares. Slice up your cucumber at a 45 degree angle to make nice long pieces.
  6. 6 Scrambled eggs: Mix 3 beaten eggs with 2 spoonfuls of the Teriyaki sauce. Gently scrambled them in a small sauce pan at very low heat , while stirring constantly. Try to keep those scrambled eggs very soft and runny as you want them to mix and blend with the rice when eating this dish.
  7. 7 Start cooking the fish, (do reserve the marinate juice for the end.) Begin with skin side down in a lightly grease but very hot pan. Give a few shakes to the pan to make sure the mackerel are not sticking ( Do not overload your pan with fish. Cook in small batches if cooking for many) .
  8. 8 After 3-4 minutes flip your mackerel and finish cooking on flesh side. Reduce heat to low,, add the marinade sauce and some extra teriyaki sauce. Start basting the sauce on the fillets with a spoon. Teriyaki sauce is a sweetened Soya sauce,. it is very rich in sugars, and will start caramelizing as it reduces, become very sticky, and adding yummy flavours and a rich dark glaze to your fish. Be very careful not to overcook the sauce at this stage, Mackerel in Teriyaki burnt caramel is not a recipe....
  9. 9 We use the Sesame seeds as a final garnish but if you have lots of them or really like them, you could add a generous sprinkle now and coat your sticky mackerel fillets with hem on either side by shaking your pan.
  10. 10 Finally assemble the dish. In deep bowls:, beginning with rice at the bottom, followed by the toppings: Cucumbers, Sweet corn, Scrambled eggs, Spring onions, the fish fillets whole or cut up into smaller sections. Top up with all your garnishes: Crunchy Garlic, chili, toasted sesame seeds, spring onions rings.
  11. 11 OISHII !!!! the world for YUMMY in Japanese :)

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