Sardines in Oil – POLLASTRINI

GOURMET – Sardines (Mediterranean) in Olive Oil – Product of Italy

Mediterranean Sardine preserved in Olive oil

About: Pollastrini was founded in 1889 in Anzio, a small Coastal Town, 50 km from Rome. Pollastrini was the first ever Italian company to specialize in the canning of Sardines. Recipes and knowledge have barely changed since, handed down from generation to generation in the respect of tradition. To this day, Pollastrini is the last remaining Italian canning company processing exclusively 100  % Mediterranean caught fish.

From April to November when fish are at their best, a fleet of small vessels fish at night using lights to attract the small fish shoals toward their nets. Freshly landed every morning, the fish are transported immediately to the processing facility where they are tinned within hours to pack in all the freshness of those delicate fish.


One pack costs: €5.00
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  • Ingredients:

    Sardines 70%, Olive Oil 30% 

    • Sustainability:
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