Mini Jar of Cuttlefish Ink (Squid Ink)

The Nero di Seppia Le Mare Crockery is ideal for seasoning and cooking fish, rice, pasta and bread dishes. Its characteristic color, texture and flavor of the sea make Sepia a unique ingredient in the world of gastronomy. Once the cuttlefish inkit was consumed to season cuttlefish in the absence of other seasoning, a common practice for fishermen to try to obtain the maximum yield from these tender molluscs, thus making a virtue of necessity. Today, this precious and tasty black ink represents a natural dye with an intense taste, with an iodized and savory hint, much appreciated in the kitchen and revisited in its most gourmet forms to add a particular color and enhance the sensation of marine flavor in dishes.

One pack costs: €4.00
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  • Ingredients:

    20g Jar Cuttlefish Ink, Water, Sea Salt, Thickerner E415 Xantham Gum

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    Fishmongers Tip:

    Havr you tried MARIE BLACK SAUCE... Simply add a good Dollup of squid ink to Mayonnaise, a small pinch of chili, and a squeeze of lemon... & mix