The easiest way to open an oyster… is with a Spoon…

The easiest way to open an oyster… is with a Spoon…

Oysters are traditionally consumed raw around our shores, but many other countries also enjoy treating oysters like a regular shellfish and cook with it. Cooking Oysters are always best if selected very large (they shrink a lot while cooking) . But big ones can prove to be a “shucking” challenge to shuck off…


Here is our method ( a little unconventional to open those …  The Microwave Oven

Place 1/2 dozen large cooking oysters at a time in a deep microwave dish, and give them  a good 5-7  minutes at full setting.  Long enough for the water to boil within the shell, partially cooking the shellfish from within and steam open the shells (~ careful those shells may get very hot to the touch after this operation, let them rest for a few minutes ) All you have left to do, is to easily open up the oyster with the back of  the spoon and scoop out the flesh in a colander to drain extra moisture.  The oyster water could be used to flavour a dish if you decide to use those oyster in a stew style or rissotto


Deep fried Panko breaded Oysters….. ? why not


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