Spaghetti alle Frutti di Maree…

Spaghetti alle Frutti di Maree…

A five minutes, one pot, one pan, no mess … Rich & creamy white wine sauce, flavoured by the briny flavours of our Shellfish cooking juices.



– Spaghetti, Tagliatelle (… edit the name of the recipe… ), Fresh or dry.

-Eat more fish: Mussels or Clams and mussels medley, prawns , crab claws,  Salmon & Smoked salmon are another variant for this dish  if shellfish not for you…

-Cherry tomatoes on the vine.-Creme Fraiche, or fresh Cream to taste… Half a pot do, but more is moor-ish…

– Good Slug of white wine, for flavour, do not waste and save for Bette use …

-One thinly sliced Garlic glove, a sprinkle of chili flakes, coarse black pepper, olive oil

– Chopped Flat leaf parsley for the sauce and to finish off the plates

Our Magic touch…  A small sprinkle o colour , either a shake of sweet paprika, turmeric or a few strands of Saffron in the sauce will make it look richer and more colourful.


– Start with the Pasta… Important, salt very lightly, the clam sauce will be full of natural ocean Saltiness

Not using live Clams, skip the following and cook the seafood in the creamy /white wine sauce.

– Pour the White wine, Cherry tomatoes, ( split in small cluster of 4-5 tomatoes but KEEP on the vine) . Add the shellfish, cover with a lid, increase the heat and cook until all shellfish are open (5-6 minutes)

– Once clams are all open, ( Cooked),  remove the tomatoes, trying not too break them up from the stem… Strain the clams  in a colender, BUT save the cooking liquor in a bowl. Removing any gritty bits.


– Return a small cup of the clams juice to the skillet. ( Not too much…you do not want your dinner to taste and swim in an ocean of salty brineness … Add the Cream, paprika, reduce for a couple minutes, toss in the pasta, clams, chopped flat leaf parsley  and mix delicately.

– Scoop out your pasta and clams onto a deep plate, add your cherry tomatoes on top &  pour all over some of your creamy sauce,

Finish off with a drizzle with a little olive oil, sprinkle paprika an turmeric, flat leat parsley, Parmesan.  All will add colour, vibrancy and that magic look of a restaurant dish.

SERVE WITH White wine left over, Candle light  and a muted background of delightful Italian Opera – Hey Alexa, can I…  =)

Happy <Locked in> Valentine’s Day

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