Sesame Crusted Tuna Salad Bowl with Wasabi Mayo

Sesame Crusted Tuna Salad Bowl with Wasabi Mayo

For the salad:

Some crunchy baby gem lettuce torn into bit size pieces.

A fresh avocado sliced and dressed with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice (to stop it from turning brown).

A few spring onions thinly sliced on an angle.

Some fresh tender mint leaves and/or coriander leaves.

A few cherry tomatoes sliced in half and seasoned with a little sea salt & black pepper.

A carrot cut in matchstick thin pieces or long ribbons (use your veg peeler) and dressed with a little lemon or lime juice.

You can also add some of the following: thinly sliced red cabbage, red onion, fresh sweet uncooked peas, bean sprouts, thinly sliced yellow pepper, a sliced hard-boiled egg.

For the dressing:

To a bowl add a few spoonfuls of mayo along with a squeeze of wasabi paste (as much as you can handle) and  a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon and a drop of water to thin it out a little. Whisk it well.

For the tuna:

Pat your tuna steaks dry and roll them in sesame seeds (a mix of white and black seeds looks very impressive). They should stick on their own with no fuss.

Sear them on each side for approximately one minute in a non-stick pan and the smallest drop of rapeseed oil, this will keep them just raw in the middle. If you prefer it more cooked keep it on each side for up to two minutes.

Remove the tuna and let it rest for a few minutes before slicing with a very sharp knife.

Assemble the salads individually in layers on plates or wide bowls finishing it off with the beautiful seared tuna slices and small dollops of the spicy wasabi dressing and a little sea salt & cracked pepper.

This recipe will also work great with our Yellowfin Tuna or Salmon Fillets.



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