Scrambled eggs and Sea urchins Roe

Scrambled eggs and Sea urchins Roe

POSTED ON Date: Friday October 1, 2021 BY EAT MORE FISH

Something very simple, quick and yet so tasty.  Soft & Runny scrambled eggs topped with a tin of Sea urchins Roes.

Scrambled eggs: 2-3 eggs per person, a drop of milk, seasoning.

Urchins roe:  1 jar for 2-3 servings

Cook your eggs to the right constitency.Spoon some of the Urchin Roes over it, a little chopped parsley to make this look even prettier and some nice baguette or Sourdough to eat along with it

Alternatively try to substitute the urchins with some quality Anchovy fillets or hake roe

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