PESTO PRONTO & other Tin fish pasta dishes.

PESTO PRONTO & other Tin fish pasta dishes.

Too busy to fuss around for a Quick mid week Dinner. Keep it simple, Stick the kettle on

Try with our delicious Sardinian Fish Pesto, a tin of Tuna Ventresca  or fiery Spicy sardines in Olive oil




  1. Le Marviglie Seafood Pesto, Ventresca, or fish tin of your choice.
  2. Pasta
  3. Cherry tomatoes, Basil leaves
  4. The oil from the tin


  1. 1 Cook your pasta, drain
  2. 2 Mix and Blend with a couple of spoonful of the oil from the tin or the jar. All our tins are produced with top quality olive oil and natural spices. The fish or seafood has been brewing in it for months... Infusing it with all its delicious flavour. You would not poor all of it straight down the sink ???
  3. 3 Spoon over your favorite pasta topping: Mareviglie Fish Pesto, Fork crushed Tuna or Sardine tins
  4. 4 Add a garnish, Halved cherry tomatoes, Basil leaves, etc..

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