Celebrate with Oysters.. Enjoy them Natural, With Lemon or Tabasco.. that seems the most popular but don’t stop there…

Give some of these tasty topping sauce combinations a try no matter how strange they may sound. The common theme is sour to balance the sweet & salty of the oysters.

These sauces can also be used for dipping cooked prawns and shrimp and for you raw clam lovers too.



  1. 1 Classic Mignonette: Red wine vinegar, chopped shallots, cracked pepper.
  2. 2 Seasonal: Apple, cider vinegar, shallots.
  3. 3 Horseradish Sauce (East Coast USA): Ketchup, Tabasco, Horseradish, Worcester Sauce, Lime
  4. 4 Asian: Soy sauce, fresh ginger & spring onion.
  5. 5 Italian: Balsamic, olive oil & cracked black pepper.
  6. 6 Mexican: Coriander, Lime & Chili.
  7. 7 Something Exotic: Mango, white wine vinegar, red pepper.

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