One Pot Family Shellfish Supper – Beach Not Included

One Pot Family Shellfish Supper – Beach Not Included

POSTED ON Wednesday, th Nov 2020 BY EAT MORE FISH

September is nearly upon us and that means Summer will probably return just as it always seems to when school comes around.

Hang on to that summer feeling with this One Pot Family Shellfish Supper.

All you need:

  • Two Tins Of Chopped Tomatoes
  • Two Tins of Chickpeas
  • Two Tablespoons Oil
  • One Chopped Onion
  • One Lemon
  • 1kg or 5lb bag of Mussels (depending on your family)
    1kg Clams
  • One Big Pan/Pot With Lid
  • One Loaf of Crusty Bread
  • One Hungry Family

In your pot heat up your oil and gently cook up your onions until tender.

Add your chickpeas including their liquid and both tins of tomatoes.

Cover and bring to boil.

Now add your mussels and clams and give them a gently stir.

Pop the lid on and get your bread and bowls ready.


Once all the shellfish has popped open (this will take 5-10 minutes) give it all a squeeze of fresh lemon and serve =)

This recipe also works with Cockles, Palourdes, Galway Bay Prawns




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