MONK FISH LIVER “The ocean Foie Gras”

MONK FISH LIVER “The ocean Foie Gras”

Monk fish is one of the most popular species, but its most valuable and flavorful part is rarely landed.  Like any bit of offal, Monk Liver may not look the most appetizing in its raw form, but a little bit of work and effort can sublime it into a delicacy sought after by so many seafood lovers across the world.  It is good value and worth the try  Once cooked it will keep in your fridge for a week and can also be (re)-frozen

This HOW?  We are making our “Fishy Foie Gras”

Not sure about this… Want to taste what is like first…  You will also find small tins of Galician ready cooked Monk liver in our specialty tin section.


  1. Monk fish Liver
  2. Garlic, & Flat leaf Parsley
  3. Drop of White wine or Vermouth
  4. Salt & pepper for seasoning
  5. To serve: Quality Sourdough Bread, Lemon,


  1. 1 Start by rinsing the Livers pieces under the tap, washing of any blood spots, then pat dry with kitchen paper
  2. 2 Remove any outer skins and sinus. You can use a knife but you will get more out by working with your fingers to delicately pull those out. If the liver are tearing apart, do not worry about it, cooking will firm up everything. Trim and cut out any sections with blood marks.
  3. 3 Chop thinly a couple of Garlic cloves and flat leaf Parsley
  4. 4 On a piece of cling film put a few chunks of the liver, spread over it the Garlic & Parsley mix , season with Salt and pepper. ( a 500g pack of Liver should be sufficient to make 4 rolls)
  5. 5 Roll the monk fish in the cling film to make a thick sausage. (try to squeeze as much of the air as possible to reduce gaps once cooked) Squeeze the Liver sausage by rolling it while holding the cling film on either sides. Add a second layer of cling film to keep it all in place
  6. 6 We slowly roast ( or confit) those monk liver sausage on a tray for one hour and half, in an oven set at a very low temperature set @ 75 degree. ( don't want to melt that cling film). It may seem low, but remember that fish is considered cooked at 63 degree C.
  7. 7 Let the Monk liver cool down and allow to rest overnight in the fridge to set. ( Once cooked the liver rolls will keep fresh for 7 days)
  8. 8 To serve and enjoy. Slice the liver into thin disks and serve on top of bite size, tranches of toasted ( warm) of Sourdough bread with a small garnish of rock salt, lemon zest and chopped parsley or chives. Add a few slices of lemon Bon degustation.

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