We love Fresh Ray, one of the tastiest, best value and most underrated fish on our counters. We got inspired, and decided to experiment with Ray and one of our favorite dish: Japanese style Ramen…  The full dish elevated by a simple broth loaded with Yummy Umami from the Miso Paste and fungies. So simple, So satisfying, an easy dinner to put together and super healthy. #newfavourite

If no Asian store is in your area,  Miso paste is commonly available in any Supermarkets, they also usually stock small punnets of mixed exotic Mushrooms and pakchoi.

Fell free to add or subtract any ingredients of your choice to this recipe, Sea weed would be a great addition. If ray is not available, pieces of salmon tenders, firm pieces of white fish like monkfish or john dory  or Peeled prawns tails.


  1. Fresh Skinless Ray Wing (300-400g per serving)
  2. Ramen noodles
  3. White Miso paste
  4. Mix of Asian Style Mushrooms: Shiitake, enoki, Shimeji
  5. Pak choi
  6. French green beans or mangetou
  7. 1 soft boil egg per serving
  8. a few spring onions
  9. bunch of coriander
  10. One Red chili pepper
  11. Kimchi ( optional)
  12. water
  13. soy sauce
  14. sesame seed or oil.


  1. 1 Boil the eggs, trying to keep keeping the yolk soft and runny ( 5-6 minutes according to size) Set aside to cool down, before peeling carefully .
  2. 2 Prepare your Ramen or Chinese style Noddle according to packet instructions.
  3. 3 Prepare the Ramen vegetables: Slice the green beans into chunky strips. Split the bunch of Enoki mushrooms into 4 parts. Quarter the Pak choi. Score the top of the shiitake mushrooms with a cross. Chop your spring onions, coriander and the red chili pepper.
  4. 4 Prepare the broth by diluting spoons of Miso paste into hot water. How much miso paste should be used? Be generous, and taste the broth, add miso until it is rich and delicious. Split the broth between two saucepans: one to poach the fish, the second for the actual ramen.
  5. 5 POT 1: Add the prepared vegetables to the Ramen broth, simmer for Av: 8-10 minutes until the green beans gets tender
  6. 6 POT 2: Add a few slices of the red chili. and the branch of the coriander. Simmer on the lowest possible heat setting until cooked for about 10 minutes. Take the wings out of the stock. Using a spoon scrap the ray meat off the bone and returned to the broth to keep warm until ready to serve.
  7. 7 TO PLATE UP: Use a deep soup bowl. Place the ramen noddle on the bottom - Scatter the cooked vegetables and mushroom around the dish - add the boiling hot Veg broth (after stirring it well ) - Using a sharp knife half the soft cooked egg - Scatter pieces of Ray on top - Garnish with coriander, Spring onions, few segments of the red chili from the fish broth. sesame seeds.
  8. 8 Serve very hot, with a side serving of Kimchi, some soy sauce and Sesame seed oil to taste...
  9. 9 Enjoy and slurp the broth loudly to let Chef know how much you are enjoying his meal. It is the good table manners when enjoying a bowl of delicious Ramen in Japan ;)

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