Every Spring we receive an abundant supply of fresh Fish roes ( Cod, Hake, Haddock or Ling) Those are in season for a very short time, and make the delight of customers in the “know how” who enjoy them as much for their culinary & high nutritional value.

For everyone else, not familiar with those, they may look odd, sometimes off putting. But remember fish does not always need to look good to taste good…

Roes can be used into many traditional recipes #heritagefood. Some of our customers use them in soups, with curry spices. Japanese & Korean customers pickle them and turn them into a spicy delicacy named “Mentaigo”.  Roe can also be smoked to make creamy Taramasalta.  In Ireland, the tradition is to consume them fried.  It is simple enough and only takes a couple of steps which you are about to find out.

This Spring give fresh fish roes a try.


  1. Fresh fish roe ( 200 g per serving)
  2. Fine Table Salt
  3. Flour, Egg wash, Breadcrumbs, (optional Parsley to add vibrancy to the breadcrumbs)
  4. For the sloe: fresh grated Celeriac & Carrots, Mayonnaise, Mustard
  5. Fresh dill, mayonaise


  1. 1 Cooking roe is a 3 steps process: 1/ Salting, 2/ Heat setting and 3/ Cooking.
  2. 2 1/ Salting: Fresh roes are soft and delicate. Start by rolling your fish roes into a generous amount of fine table salt. It will draw out some of the moisture content and firm up the egg pouch. The roe color might change from pale pink to orange. It is normal and a telltale sign that the salt is doing it's work and infusing the roe. Set aside for an hour before rinsing off the salt under running water.
  3. 3 2 / Setting: Roes are traditionally boiled in water but after years of experimenting with them, we are getting a much better result while using a steamer instead. Place your roe in the steaming basket and gently doused over it some boiling water straight from the kettle. The skin of the roe will contract and set the roe. Put the lid on and steam on medium heat. Each Roe thickness determine steaming time. 10 minutes is enough for a roe less than an inch thick. A very thick XL Cod Roe may need 30 - 40 minutes. Underdone is better that overcooked when the roe will become dry and crumbly. This is only the first stage of the roe cooking process, it will finish cooking thoroughly with the next step of this recipe.
  4. 4 Let the roe cool down. We usually cook the roe a day in advance, it will keep up to 4/5 days, covered in your fridge. If the roe is very big, section of it can also be kept in the freezer for later in the year,durng the off season.
  5. 5 3/ The cooking: Slice up your roe with a sharp knife, like you would with black pudding. Season the slices with a sprinkle of salt, dip them into flour, egg wash and breadcrumbs. Fry in a pan with butter on medium heat. Flip the slices after a few minutes once they are nicely browned. Served warm
  6. 6 To make the Sloe. Grate your celeriac and carrots. Mix together with mayonnaise and mustard to taste
  7. 7 Dill Mayo. Simply mix some fresh chopped dill or dried dill mixed with Mayo
  8. 8

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