CHEF SECRETS: How to boil an octopus ? ( The easy method)

CHEF SECRETS: How to boil an octopus ? ( The easy method)

How to best cook Octopus ? We heard so many different recipes and tried them all: Add a wine cork , Cook in 4 different pots of boiling water , Always start in cold water, Always start in boiling water… etc….

Let’s not making complicated out of simple … Thanks to our Portuguese Friend Nuno, this is how we are now cooking octopus ourselves .


  1. One Onion, similar size to the octopus head
  2. Peppercorn
  3. Bay leaf


  1. 1 Thaw your octopus in advance
  2. 2 Choose a whole onion with a diameter slightly smaller than your octopus head,
  3. 3 Place both, side by side, in a small saucepan with lid. Add flavourings such as bay leaves or peppercorn NO SALT Add a very small amount of water to initiate cooking.  The octopus will render its own cooking liquid and will then cook in its own flavorsome juices.
  4. 4 Put on high heat until boil, then cover and reduce heat to medium low.
  5. 5 How long do you cook this for? Octopus tend to be always overcooked …. 25 to 30 minutes is  more than enough for a kg + fish.  Why did we suggest to add an onion? Pierce your onion with a tooth pick, once the onion is tender to the core so is the Octopus
  6. 6 Once cooked, turn off the heat and allow the octopus to cool in its own cooking juice Your octopus is now cooked and can be chopped and used in any recipes of you liking

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