Homemade Tarama

Homemade Tarama

Have you enjoyed Tarama. A delicious, moorish dip made with Smoked cod Roe. You can purchase our ready made Tarama tubs, but if you really enjoy it or are hosting a few for a dinner party, making your own  a batch is a cheap and nice idea. Tarama contains lemon juice, which contribute to extended fridge life, where it can be stored up to 6 days.

With only 7 ingredients blended together, Tarama is super easy to make in your kitchen. The most tricky part for most being to be able to source the Smoked Cod Roe, but we will humbly add that you just happen to be on the perfect website to find some …  ?


  1. 100 g smoked Cod Roe
  2. 200 g steal white bread (no crust)
  3. 1/2 red onion grated or very finely chopped
  4. 100 ml
  5. 1 lemon juice
  6. 2 garlic cloves ( optional )
  7. A small amount of Beetroot juice (shop bought)m


  1. 1 Start by soaking the Smoked Cod Roe in cold water for one hour ( it will help removing the outer membrane)
  2. 2 Cut the stale bread loaf into large chunks, white only, no crusty bits. Soak in water.
  3. 3 Drain the Cod Roe, and carefully peel off the outer membrane. In a large mixing bowl, smash the Roe into small lumps with a fork.
  4. 4 Squeeze the water out the bread ( making sure very little water remains ) & add to the Smoked Roe
  5. 5 Add the grated onion, lemon juice and mix everything together with an electric blender.
  6. 6 Carefully add and blend in the Olive oil until you are sastified with texture (soft and creamy) and flavour.
  7. 7 Tips: Home made Tarama always turn up creamy white. So… How to make it pink like the one you can buy ??? ? Beetroot juice… Drain the juice of a bag of cooked beetroot and stir some through your finished Tarama …
  8. 8 Traditionally Served on hot Blini. Afancy name for small pancakes ( google it )

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