Homemade breaded fish fingers

Homemade breaded fish fingers

Hi Lou here, I’m delighted to share my first recipe using a fish that Stefan always recommends – FRESH COLEY –   Always great value on fish counters-  €10/kg –  NO Skin /No Bones  –  Stefan sources most of his Coley (also known as Black Pollock) from the small inshore boats on the South Coast.  Fresh/ Tasty/ Irish/ Sustainable/ Best Price  A species which ticks every boxes!!!
Homemade fresh fish fingers are simple to make and a good opportunity to get the kids to join in with dinner preparation.
Set up your breadcrumb station & you’re halfway there.  Forget about shop bought ready made fish fingers. Your owns will taste so much  nicer and work out a lot cheaper.
Give those a go.
Lou 🙂


  1. Chunky Fish Pieces, Skinless / Boneless (150g per grown up portion)
  2. Fresh Breadcrumbs ( Regular or Panko)
  3. 150g Plain flour
  4. 2 eggs & Splash of milk )
  5. 1 tablespoon dried herbs (or fresh thyme/rosemary - chopped)
  6. Sunflower or Grapeseed oil spray
  7. Salt and pepper
  8. TARTARE SAUCE: 150 Mayonnaise, 1 big gherkin, 1 tablespoon Capers Lemon zest and juice, 1 tablespoon of fresh dill or tarragon
  9. To plate: Brioche buns, 1 tomatoe, Baby leaf salad


  1. 1 Preheat your oven @ 180℃ - Cover one large baking tray with parchment paper or use your grill pan.
  2. 2 Set your crumbing station. Three bowls: 1/ Flour and a good pinch of salt and pepper, give it a mix. 2/ Two eggs and milk, whisk well. 3/ The crumbs mixed with the dried herbs & seasoning. Jazz this up, by adding fresh pan toasted mixed black and white Sesame seeds to the crumbs. More crunch, More flavour
  3. 3 Get your fish ready. Lay the fish fillet flat on your cutting board (silvery side down) Always double check for the eventual remaining bones by running the tip of your finger over the central line and hedges of the fillets. Cut into goujons size.
  4. 4 To crumb the fish pieces, work it like a production line with one wet hand & one dry hand. Toss in flour & shake - Dip in the egg wash & allow excess to drain - place in the crumb, cover well, and apply a gentle pressure to thicken the crumb Place on the oven tray, keeping a distance between each pieces. TIP: if you love thickly crumbed... TRY a double dip: Return back to the egg wash, and crumb for a second run... #Nice&Thick
  5. 5 Spray with oil, to help the crisping and coloring the goujons during cooking.
  6. 6 Into the oven 20 minutes. If the goujons look a little too pale, finish off under the grill for a couple of minutes.
  7. 7 Lightly sprinkle with salt and serve straight away.
  8. 8 While the fish is in the oven, prepare your home made Tartare sauce. Finely chop the gherkin and capers, add to the mayo with a little lemon zest, a splash of lemon juice, herbs, seasoning, salt and pepper. Mix & taste.
  9. 9 Toast the brioche buns.
  10. 10 To serve: Add some baby leaves, sliced tomato to the bottom of the toasted brioche bun. Add 2 or 3 goujons, a spoon of tartar sauce and top with the bun. Unbelievably fresh and delicious. :)

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