Grilled Mackerel in Mustard Sauce

Grilled Mackerel in Mustard Sauce

Fish cooked in Mustard ??? Just another of those French things, which works “parfaitement”  with Mackerel. Don’t you go shy with the Mustard either…  Once cooked, it will loose its fiery heat, leaving amazing flavours and a sharpness to match the richness of the mackerel oils.


  • MACKEREL : whole Mackerel or fillets
  • Dijon mustard 2 heaped soup spoon
  • Creme : 1/2 a pot
  • Cajun seasoning: desert spoon
  • A Sprinkles of dry herb de Provence
  • Oil, salt, pepper
  • Coriander seeds


Combine the Mustard, Cream, Cajun seasoning, herbs and salt

Use the sauce to completely coat the fillets or  Whole Mackerels (preferably Scored ) inside/ out

Place on a ready oiled oven dish.

Season and sprinkle with herbs and coriander seeds

Grill for 15 -20 minutes at high heat… (You want the oils to wake up from within…)  OR  of course BBQ as soon as weather permit.


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