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WHAT IS CEVICHE?  Is it a dish ? Or is it a method of preparing fish ?  It is both… Originating from South America, thin strips of fish are quickly cured (marinated) in Lime juice and served chilled with a fragrant herb dressing . Usually served as an appetiser or a snack.

IS IT COOKED? Technically… NOT ( this would be the reason you are being advised to freeze the fish beforehand) but the intense acidity of the Lime juice will burn (Cook) the flesh, giving it its cooked texture.

WHICH FISH ? Any fish, firm enough to be sliced into thin slivers without falling appart… Think Turbot, Brill, John Dory, Sea bass, Sea bream, Monk fish, Red Mullet. On a budget ( and also amazing ) fish such as Gurnard or Wrasse are perfect ceviche candidates. Some shellfish are also making great Ceviche: Shrimps, prawns and Scallops…

JAZZ IT UP, and serve a few different species to compare texture and flavours. MAKE IT DELUXE with a topping of thinly sliced cooked Octopus legs…

Ingredients: (serve 2-3 )

  • 300 gr skinless fillets of your choice.
  • The marinate: 3 Limes juiced + 1/2 Orange juiced
  • The Salsa: 2-3 Tomatoes, 1 Avocado, 1 small red Onion, 1 red Chilli, fresh coriander, mint
  • For the dressing:  Olive oil, salt and pepper seasoning

METHOD:  The fish ( preferably frozen for 24 hours ), skinless, thinly sliced ( 3-4 mm ) or cut into small (5-7 mm) chunks. Mix it together with the lime & Orange juice ( 20/25 minutes before serving) and refrigerate.

Prepare your salsa: Tomatoes thinly sliced and/or diced, Avocado diced in small chunky bites, Red Onion chopped as small as your knife allow you… Chili pepper and herbs

When the fish is cured to your liking, Plate out with the fresh salsa, drizzle with olive oil and season to taste.

Can you “overcook” Ceviche? Definitely so… Be careful… Prepare everything in advance, but time your dinner to cure your fish at the last moment. Overdone fish becomes thougher, drier while loosing moisture. Not left over with Ceviche… not that there is a chance to be either…

Not confident… First time trying… It’s easy so no worries. Just Taste and fine tune your timing, while experimentating in advance with a few pieces of fish in a bowl, timer in hand …

LAST THING….  Would our Sour French pickled Roll Mops classify as a Ceviche since they are also cured in acid? In principle… probably but whatever you do… Do not serve them with Avocadoes… 😛


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