“Frankly delicious with fish” Red Hot Sauce

“Frankly delicious with fish” Red Hot Sauce

“When its good enough for Chicken… it’s good enough for fish….”

Our FINTASTIC twist on Frank’s classic Chicken wing Red Hot Sauce.  Simple & delicious. to make great use of our Cheap and Cheerful baby Monk fish tails.

On the BBQ, in the pan or oven, the result is the same.  The sauce is only added at the end.  Any other firm fish such as Ling, Wolf fish  would be as tasty.


  1. Small Monk fish tails, trimmed and skinned
  2. Frank's Red hot sauce
  3. Butter
  4. Some flour if pan frying
  5. Seasonning


  1. 1 Before Cooking, Score a few slashes on either sides of the Monk tails,
  2. 2 Mix Frank's Hot sauce with an equal amount of butter. Melt gently in a saucepan. Stir well, & keep Hot
  3. 3 Cook your Monk fish tails, accordingly to size. Pan fry, bake or BBQ...
  4. 4 We coated ours in flour before pan frying
  5. 5 Once the fish is cooked, toss in with the Butter/Red sauce, mix well and serve.
  6. 6 Goes well with long grain rice

We are Fishmongers. 100 % of our Wild fish is sourced straight off the boats. When fish lands, all hands on deck join in to sort, fillet, and pack all orders on time for our courier to pick up.
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