Are you a Scallop fan, you got to give this recipe a go… It could not be easier and you will never look at Scallop the same…









  1. 1 or 2 scallops per person
  2. Go Continental : Butter Garlic & parsley or any fresh herbs of your choice, Spice up a bit with cayenne pepper
  3. Go Asian : Soy sauce, grated ginger, scallions or coriander


  1. 1 1/ Place your whole Scallop flat shell down on a very hot BBQ, and wait... till they POP open.... Work done!
  2. 2 2/ Flip around and remove the flat top shell, cut off and discard the black bit ( use a kitchen towel to handle, those shells get very hot...) No need to try to detach the scallop from its shell, let the heat finish this off for you, we told you this was easy...
  3. 3 3/Return to the BBQ keeping the shell level to retain all the cooking juice. Cook on its own for 2 more minutes , flip the scallop to finish of cooking the other side and top up with the seasoning off your choice:
  4. 4 4/ Wait until everything gets piping hot, serve and enjoy...

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