BBQ Herbs & Butter Seafood Feast

BBQ Herbs & Butter Seafood Feast

POSTED ON Date: Sunday May 9, 2021 BY EAT MORE FISH

Ireland’s favourite seafood recipe since 4000 BC…


1- Light your BBQ (GAS OR CHARCOAL)
2- Gather as many FRESH herbs as possible (NO RULES – Use parsley, coriander, thyme, rosemary.. everything!!!)
3- On a low heat on your stove or edge of bbq place you chopped herbs, loads of butter, some lemon juice (optional) and chopped garlic, salt & pepper in a small pot and let it do it’s thing and melt together in a delicious fragrant bath for your seafood.

4- Prepare your seafood:

Lobsters –  (put them to sleep in the freezer or a quick puncture in the middle of the head) and split them lengthways. Remove all the claws as well and give hem a quick crack with the back of a heavy knife. Drizzle these with the butter and cook flesh side up for 10 minutes until they turn RED.

Scallops – Pop them directly on the BBQ flat side down or use a butter knife and slide it along the flat side to pop it open (you can remove the skirt and other parts you don’t wish to eat). Drizzle with the butter and place the shell on the BBQ. They will bubble away and cook in minutes.

Oysters – these will pop themselves open on the BBQ. Once they do get a small spoon and put a little of the butter inside.

Prawns or Langoustines –  No prep needed.. Give them a few minutes on each side. Serve whole and let everyone peel them when cooled with some butter for dipping.

5- Open Beverage and Enjoy!

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