Albacore Tuna with Olive oil and Garlic – LA BELLE ILOISE

Discover a tender and tender tuna with garlic flavors and authentic benefits!

An ocean of flavors, source of benefits!

In this recipe with powerful and authentic flavors , garlic, slightly spicy, meets the finesse of white albacore tuna and the fruity notes of extra virgin olive oil. All the benefits of white albacore tuna and garlic come together to create many tasty and balanced dishes!

Easy and quick to prepare, simple to cook, a can of tuna is your daily ally by offering endless possibilities. In salads, in pasta or quiche, it is the practical ingredient for all types of recipes, cold or hot, main courses or starters…

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  • Ingredients:

    White albacore tuna (72%), extra virgin olive oil (19%), water, garlic (3.2%), aromatic plant, pepper, thickener: guar flour.

    • Sustainability: