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Spanish Mussels (XL )
€8.00 / Kg

Galician Spanish Mussels are extra large Mussels grown on suspended rope and floating raft in Galician rias. If you ever enjoyed a Spanish Seafood Paella in Spain, or a raw seafood platter in France,  you may have been surprised by the size of those big mussels. Spanish Mussels are perfect size to open and consume raw on a shellfish platter, stuffing with breadcrumbs and Garlic butter or to impress on any seafood dish.  Note that those mussels are always sold with byssus on, & will take a little cleaning , it is part of the fun.

1 kg
One pack costs: €8.00

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  • Sustainability:
    Latin name:Mytilus galloprovincialis
  • Catch area / Method of capture:
    Grown in Galicia, Spain