Sardines with pepper & Kumquat – LA BELLE ILOISE

Explore new flavors  with this unique recipe where the good salty taste of sardines is enhanced by  the tangy flavors of kumquat and the vegetal freshness of green pepper!

With this  unique creation by la belle-iloise , escape to the heart of a flourishing garden of orange fruits…  The tangy flavor of kumquat  – also known as “golden orange” – combines with  the vegetal freshness of green pepper . Combined with  grape seed oil , they enhance the good iodized taste of our sardines with a touch of exoticism !

One pack costs: €7.00
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  • Ingredients:

    Sardines , grape seed oil (15%), kumquat (7%), lemon juice, green pepper (1%), aromatic plant, potato starch, salt.

    • Sustainability: