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Gannet’s Gourmet Fish Skewer (3 pieces)

We know how to make PROPER KEBABS… Half pound a piece (225g) Our fish skewers are heavy because they are absolutely packed, with thick chunks of fish and a few slices veggies added to decorate not the opposite….

Perfect on the BBQ, under the grill or simply on a hot pan.

Made with fresh Wild Monk caught in Irish waters. Our Salmon is always 100% Irish, produced by MOWI “the Irish Organic Salmon company. More about the production method

3 pieces Half-Pounder (225 g ) Fish skewer
One pack costs: €19.00 (Save €2.00)

Three big chunks of Organic Salmon, Two massive lumps of fresh Monk fish, and a few vegs impaled there and there…

  • Sustainability:
  • Catch area / Method of capture:
    Salmon farmed in Ireland by MOWI
Fishmongers Tip:

Add a sprinkle of salt before cooking. Enjoy them nature or jazz them up with a dusting of Paprika, cajun spice or a light brushing of Teriyaki, Sweet chili sauce, Enjoy the BBQ and the weather