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N:00 BELON ( Native Oyster)- XL –
€19.50 / Kg

The Belon is the Benchmark for every true Native/ flat Oyster experts. Belon oysters are the Grand Cru of the Oyster world, served in Palaces and Starred Restaurants around the world. Chef Anthony Bourdain swore by them…  How does an oyster becomes so famous? Like Champagne, Belon is an AOP,  a Protected Origin Appelation . The Belon is a river and an estuary in South Britany, If an oyster is not from Belon, it is not a Belon .. dare dodging that rule & the fine will be hefty…

Oysters are not grown in the Belon Estuary, they are selected for their perfect shape and size, from stock caught in the open ocean. Belon is an affinage (finishing ) area where a mix of fresh and sea water, with little plankton will give the Belon its characteristic flavour: they have a rich, briny taste with a hint of metallic sweetness and a finish that’s sometimes described as earthy or mushroom-like. Some people also detect a slight nuttiness or hazelnut flavor.

6 premium large Belon
One pack costs: €19.50

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  • Sustainability:
    Latin name:Ostra edulis
  • Catch area / Method of capture:
    WIld oyster from Brittany , affine n the Belon Estuary