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Smoked Wild Trout Darne
€64.30 / Kg

Looking to enjoy an alternative to Organic & Farmed Smoked Salmon. Enjoy this Wild Cold Smoked Lough Neagh Trout. We selected, froze our largest fish when the Summer Season was at its pick.  Sent to Gerry Hasset @ Keem Bay for expert Smoking. Those unsliced Portions are as closed as it gets to Wild Salmon. If we added another €50/kg & told you this was the thing,  you would not know any better… (but we would not do such a thing)..

come rarer and more expensive than Gold dust…


Gerry Hasset. PLEASE NOTE that this is a wild product with a wild diet, not died pellets… The coloration of each fish or fillets can vary from light pink ( as illustrated) to bright orange depending on each individual fish.  Colour does not affect its delicious flavour.

200g, Unsliced
One pack costs: €12.75

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    • Sustainability:
      Latin name:Salmo trutta
    • Catch area / Method of capture:
      Wild Caught - Lough Neagh Fisherman's Co-op., N.I.