Steaming Lobster – EASY


This is an easy (and a little bit neater) way to cook your lobster rather than boiling.

It also keeps in all the Lobster’s natural flavours.

Dispatch your lobster by placing the tip of a sharp chef’s knife behind the lobster’s eyes, right below where the claws meet the body and halfway to the first joint. Swiftly plunge the knife down through the head.

In a pot large enough to hold your lobsters without stacking them too much on top of each other

place 2-3 inches of very salted water and a wire rack that sits just above the water (this can be a cooling rack, a lid to a steamer basket or even a small colander if it fits).

Bring to a rolling boil and place your lobsters side by side on the rack.

Put the lid on and cook for approx 10 minutes for a 500g lobster and increase that time by 2 minutes for each addition 100g.

Halfway through you can carefully lift the lid and shift the position of the lobster so it steams evenly.

Your lobster is cooked… now let your family do all the cracking.