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Some Like it Hot… VERY HOT… Squid n’duja

Some Like it Hot… VERY HOT… Squid n’duja

POSTED ON Date: Sunday April 11, 2021 BY EAT MORE FISH

Our delicious sustainable Donegal Line Caught Squid is available year round from frozen… and we love it.

Cooking it with Spanish Chrorizo is a well establish classic  but have you ever heard of its Italian side quick named N’Duja from the Calabrese region… (A sausage made with Porc and Chili or may be the opposite…) N’duja is getting trendy so you may be lucky to find it are your local delicatessen or you can always google it a few online suppliers have it. ..









For the N’duja sauce:

  • Cherry tomoates, cut in half
  • 1 Onion sliced
  • 100 g N’Duja sausage ( Do not over do it or it will be a challenge.. )
  • Garlic cloves, bunch of fresh Basil, seasoning.

Cleaned Squid ( 500 g for serve 2-3) cut up in thin strips



1/ In a frying pan, gently cook every ingredients ( Not the squid ) until the tomatoes soften, and N’duja breaks down.  Remove and reserve.

2/ Fry the squid strips on their own for a couple minutes and stir in and mix with the N’duja/tomatoe sauce. Squeeze 1/2 lemon over it

3/ Serve hot, with crispy sourdough bread as a starter or a bowl of pasta as a main course.

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