Octopus made simple…

Octopus made simple…

POSTED ON Date: Sunday June 20, 2021 BY EAT MORE FISH

Cooking Octopus from scratch is a challenge for beginners… Not a complicated thing as such, but a thousands online recipes make it all very confusing, but thankfully our Spanish friends have come up with a great new product… Pre-cooked Octopus, and it is genuinely delicious. It can be used in a salad, or reheated into a dish as in the follow up recipe.

Ingredient list (per serving):

Ready cooked Tentacles (1-2 pieces starter course, 2-3 main course ).  + 1 small Onion, a dozen Cherry Tomatoes , 2 Garlic cloves, a bunch of Flat leaf parsley, Olive oil,  Hot Paprika, Wine to deglaze ( Sherry, Vermouth or regular White )


1/ Take your octopus out of the fridge for 1/2 hour to allow back to room temperature. Split those tentacles:

  •  slice full length as seen on our recipe ( if your knifes are sharp enough)
  • more simply cut them up at an angle making pieces look longer…

2/ Slice an onion, Bash a couple of garlic cloves, Half the Cherry tomatoes,  Chop the parsley leaves.

3/ In a very hot frying pan @ full heat. Begin with a generous drizzle of olive oil to sweat the onions for a couple of minutes.  Add the octopus, cook for another few minutes before adding on tomatoes, garlic, paprika, herbs & seasoning (Easy on the salt your cooked octopus is already seasoned as it is cooked in sea water )

4/ When the tomatoes start softening, add a generous dash of Sherry, Vermouth, White wine or a small splash of water. Reduce and shake for 30 seconds to deglaze all the yummyness from the bottom of the pan.

Plate and add extra parsley and dusting of Paprika to please the eye. Enjoy


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