Enda McEvoy’s Squid, Shiitake + Egg for RNLI Fish Supper

Enda McEvoy’s Squid, Shiitake + Egg for RNLI Fish Supper

POSTED ON Wednesday, th Nov 2020 BY EAT MORE FISH

Thanks to Enda McEvoy for sharing this recipe for Squid, Shiitake + Egg

-Place the butter in a small pot and heat slowly until the butter stops foaming and smells nutty and sweet. Remove from the heat and strain through a sieve into a clean pot

-Place shiitake and kombu in 600ml cold water for 5 hours. Remove shiitake and seaweed after this time and gently heat the liquid to 65c. Return shiitake and seaweed to the water and maintain the temperature for about an hour. Increase heat to 90c and strain stock. Season with kombu vinegar.

-Slice the squid into very thin strips, like noodles. Poach 2 eggs and place in 2 bowls. Heat the butter to around 50c. Place the squid into the butter and agitate the squid until it’s just cooked, about 30 seconds, and strain into a sieve set over another pot. Season with lemon juice

-Arrange the squid around the egg in the bowl and pour over the shiitake stock. Serve with some nori or other seaweeds.

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