Scallops will cook quickly in a hot pan with just a drop of oil in just minutes on each side.
Score your scallops a few times with a knife in a criss-cross pattern and season well with sea salt & pepper before frying.
In a mixing bowl make a simple vinaigrette with lemon, mustard, honey and good Irish rapeseed oil.
Dress the best baby salad leaves you can find with the vinaigrette and place onto plates.
Arrange the cooked scallops on top and enjoy!

See below for some other great ways to enjoy.


Wrap Scallops in smoked streaky bacon and secure with a toothpick/cocktail stick. Season with salt & pepper and drizzle with olive oil. Cook under the grill/broiler for 10-15 minutes turning once until the bacon is cooked through.


Fry off 1cm slices of black pudding till just crisp on each side and keep warm. Season scallops and cook in a little oil for just under 1 minute on each side so they are nice and golden. You can make a dressing by deglazing pan with a bit of red wine vinegar, some wholegrain mustard and olive oil. Place black pudding topped with scallops on a bed of dressed leaves like rocket.

If you haven’t tried this one yet you will be pleasantly surprised. You get to taste the pure sweetness of these scallops as they cook in the batter. Slice your scallops in two pieces and batter them as you would with any white fish. Deep fry just until golden. Season with sea-salt and serve with a lemony mayo.

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