Crackers with Seaweed – PENMARCH

Crispy, melting and with a subtly iodized taste that will accompany all our seafood products. For a festive aperitif or a starter with Breton flavors, opt for our toasts with seaweed

A light golden color, blond in the middle and brown on the outside with light touches of sea lettuce in a bag of a dozen toasts. Ideal as an aperitif, to spread your favorite fish rillettes and spreads but also our specialties such as aviorig or toastig. Some use them in croutons in a salad, others spread it on pâté for a mixture of flavors between land and sea. Enjoy these little toasts as you wish!

One pack costs: €3.25

58g: WHEAT flour, Coconut oil, Sugar, Sea weed 2.5%, Yeast, Salt,

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